Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today marks the day that my friend Derrick Longeneckert opens his new brewery, Alpha Brewing Co. His ales are not for those with a taste for water; the malt and hops shine. He takes his ales in a direction that is both bold and refreshing. Located at 1409 Washington Ave. in Saint Louis, Missouri, you must go around the building to find the entrance. It is worth the walk! Inside you will find brews with fragrance. The aromas, of florals and citrus, forest and land, will take you on journies of the mind before you even take a sip. Sip and the flavors awaken your tongue. Sip a few too many and call for a ride home! Alpha brews are a bit stronger than you may be used to, if you are only drinking the average American can of beer, so carefully sample all the varieties ....... just not all in one sitting!


My mother was the eldest of 14 children, born just before the great depression, and a talented cook. I was her youngest, but she settled on me to teach her skills to. She said it was my sense of smell and taste. I think she just figured I would be the last leave and she would get more dinners back on her investment.
And I loved the kitchen and everything in it. To my young wondering mind, the oven was a magic box, knives were a mystic link back to mankind's earliest inventions, the spice rack and measuring tools were an everyday chemistry set, and my mother was a fount of special knowlege with cookies hidden somewhere. She let me turn cans of food into a drumset . . . and then put them away, experiment with kitchens cleaners . . . and scrub her counters, even fill different sized jars with water from a teaspoon. Later on in life at school, I excelled in math, science, chemistry, and I was the lead drummer in the school band. Ahhhhhh, sweet mysteries of childhood.
In this blog, I will talk about life, food, liberty, good ale, companionship, dining, and most anything else that crosses my mind while I smoke my pipe.